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Volunteer Opportunities

Get involved with MITHAS and help us promote South Asian Classical Music in Boston.

Concert Help

Help us get up and running for our events and get an inside view, backstage with the artists

How To Help

  • Front desk tasks
  • Pre-concert sound setup help
  • Pre-concert help with unpacking
  • Post-concert help with packing, etc.

Why Volunteer

Volunteer for a task at any of the MITHAS concert(s) and enjoy that concert on the house.

Technical Talent

There are many ways to get involved on the technical front and to develop your skills while helping out a great cause,

Web Developer

Do you know CSS, HTML and JavaScript? In this role, you will be responsible for updating and improving the site while taking advantage of the latest web technologies.

Social Media

Help us promote MITHAS, build valuable social media management skills and have fun playign with social media services such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and many others.

Graphic Designer

If you have skills in Visual Design - this role is for you! You will be responsible for creating a consistent MITHAS image no matter what channel - print media or online.

Content Strategist

Have a passion for content? You will have the opportunity to create, edit and provide content that is easily accesible to anyone intersted in South Asian music.

We would like to thank our volunteers:

Without their support the dream of South Asian music would not be possible. Thank You!