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Become a member and help further the cause of arts in Boston, provide a platform for talented local artists and support community outreach programs.

Patron Plan

$ 500 until Dec '24

Family Plan

$ 375 until Dec '24

Couple Plan

$ 230 until Dec '24

Single Plan

$ 125 until Dec '24

(*)FREE MITHAS Member tickets are valid on all MITHAS-exclusive concerts (typically around 8-12 concerts/year). MITHAS members also get huge discounts on our fundraisers (typically a 50% discount) and variable discounts on our partner/co-sponsored events.

30 Years & Over 200 Performances

MITHAS works hard to bring the highest quality performing arts to the Boston and New England. We take great pride in our tradition and in your continued support, which has inspired us to excel for more than thirty years and over 200 performances!

We rely on the generous help of our patrons and members to keep this wonderful vision afloat. By becoming a member you help us plan better, further the cause of arts in the region, provide a platform for talented local artists and support community outreach programs.

Thank You for Your Support!

With a powerful line-up of concerts assured for the coming season, we ask you to help MITHAS by renewing your annual membership, or becoming a member for the first time.

Membership assures MITHAS of a positive audience base, and extends to its members the benefits of free admission to all regular concerts, discounts on recordings and books, and information about upcoming lecture-demonstrations and workshops with distinguished artists.

Rising travel costs and artists' fees meant that in order for MITHAS to continue to bring quality concerts to the Boston area, ticket prices increased last season year. However, our membership prices remained the same! If you are a regular attendee of our concerts, we ask that you consider lending your support and becoming a member today!